Geothermal Energy

Environmental Sustainability

Richmond Row Place at 691 & 699 Richmond - a LEADER in GREEN ENERGY to protect our precious planet! Carbon-free heating & cooling is already a reality!


Environmental Friendly691-699 Richmond Geothermal Schematic_Carbon FreeOur downtown commercial plaza units front directly onto fashionable Richmond Row, and are uniquely environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient to protect our planet and save you money! You will not find better quality or value than Richmond Row Place at 691 & 699 Richmond! Our Geothermal Energy System features:

  • State-of-the-art high-efficiency carbon-free geothermal heat pumps with in-unit thermostat control offer the advantage of low-cost heating and air-conditioning that not only protects our environment, it uniquely uses free natural energy extracted sustainably from the Earth!
  • A high-technology computerized Building Automation System controls and monitors the Geothermal Energy System sensors and components to maintain optimum performance!
  • The Fresh Water Aquifer source wells deliver water temperature stabilized with energy from the Earth to the Heat Exchanger, where its free energy only is extracted into the 691 & 699 Richmond building Heat Pump loop. The water is promptly returned sustainably back to the Fresh Water Aquifer stream, completely unharmed!
  • The system operates both summer and winter, providing free energy for both heating and air-conditioning as the season demands!
  • Enjoy the lowest-possible cost for energy consumption while protecting our precious planet!
  • Coming Soon! Richmond Row Place at 691 & 699 Richmond is Carbon-Free! Geothermal Well Drillingconstantly improving to stay the leader in environmental sustainability! New changes to the Geothermal Energy System include enhanced controls and monitoring, and a fully-redundant parallel system to achieve near 100% performance even during regular system maintenance!

Richmond Row Place at 691 & 699 Richmond is a world-class facility in one of the highest-traffic commercial districts in the heart of London. Visit our Photo Gallery to view our properties for lease!

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