Geothermal Energy

Environmental Sustainability

695 Richmond - a LEADER in GREEN ENERGY to protect our precious planet! Carbon-free heating & cooling is already a reality!


Environmental Friendly695 Richmond Geothermal Schematic_Carbon FreeOur exquisite luxury downtown high-rise condos are fully-equipped independent homes that are uniquely environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient to protect our planet and save you money! You will not find better quality or value than 695 Richmond! Our Geothermal Energy System features:

  • State-of-the-art high-efficiency carbon-free geothermal heat pumps with in-suite thermostat control offer the advantage of low-cost heating and air-conditioning that not only protects our environment, it uniquely uses free natural energy extracted sustainably from the Earth!
  • A high-technology computerized Building Automation System controls and monitors the Geothermal Energy System sensors and components to maintain optimum performance!
  • The Fresh Water Aquifer source wells deliver water temperature stabilized with energy from the Earth to the Heat Exchanger, where its free energy only is extracted into the 695 Richmond building Heat Pump loop. The water is promptly returned sustainably back to the Fresh Water Aquifer stream, completely unharmed!
  • The system operates both summer and winter, providing free energy for both heating and air-conditioning as the season demands!
  • Enjoy the lowest-possible cost for energy consumption while protecting our precious planet!
  • Coming Soon! At 695 Richmond, we are Carbon-Free! Geothermal Well Drillingconstantly striving to improve and stay the leader in environmental sustainability! New changes to the Geothermal Energy System include enhanced controls and monitoring, and a fully-redundant parallel system to achieve near 100% performance even during regular system maintenance!

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