Professional Security Team Meets The Challenge of COVID-19

695 Richmond staff add new measures to protect the health and safety of all residents and our community


Creative Property Developments Inc. is proud to share how building management, the professional on-site security team and daily maintenance staff at 695 Richmond are meeting the challenge of COVID-19 to help protect the health, well-being and peace-of-mind of all residents and their families.Creative Property Developments Inc. Leasing

COVID-19The level of risk for residents of London and Middlesex County remains exceedingly low. Our building management and security team are monitoring the external situation as it evolves and are being extra vigilant and alert.

London is fortunate to enjoy world-class medical facilities and health services to protect our community and help ensure its safety.

The 695 Richmond professional on-site security team members operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! They are always here to take your calls and assist your every need.

To meet this potential threat directly, several important proactive measures have been taken at 695 Richmond:

  • Fully-stocked commercial hand sanitizer stations have been instHand Sanitizer Stationsalled and distributed throughout the building, including at all building entry points, main elevators and parking levels, and more locations, for use by all residents, visitors, the security team and all other staff.
  • Daily cleaning maintenance personnel have been instructed to immediately add new procedures to help sanitize and disinfect all touch surfaces throughout the building using hospital-grade cleaning solutions, and will themselves be taking extra measures including wearing protective gloves and frequently washing hands while working on the premises during the day.
  • The professional 24 hours a day, 7 days a week security team have added new procedures to help sanitize and disinfect frequently-used touch surfaces while conducting their frequent rounds of the building interior and perimeter.
  • Information notices on the prevention of COVID-19 Hospital-Grade Cleaning Solutionshave been widely distributed throughout the building to help inform all residents and visitors of critical information for meeting the challenge together, including providing timely access to critical services and telephone numbers for building management, on-site security team and various local and provincial medical facilities, detailing preventative routines and recommended procedures to limit exposure that include frequent hand-washing, and other proactive hygiene measures that will help to keep our community safe and secure.

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